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Jan 29, 2013 11:30am PST
resources i lined up where our needs are. working with ntc and bart, to make sure that we are planning on the modernization of the regional transit lines and looking for smart ways to expand transportation in our city. it is important to leverage the local sales tax dollars to complement and support of the city funded infrastructure investment coming from voter approved initiatives such as the street bond that we all i think worked on. working in tandem with mta to deliver pedestrian safety, traffic calming and other improvements faster and more efficiently and very fair and process to select our executive director. i believe that commissioner avalos will be able to handily take the wheel and help us usher and addresses key issues that i've outlined today. thank you. >> thank you commissioner, before i turn to commissioner wiener, i want to ask if there is any other member of the public who like to say something else on this item? public comment on this is closed. commissioner wiener. >>i'm happy to support commissioner avalos as chair. sometimes something to get lost in the debates is
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
unity that has happened that this body and also at ntc and here that over the long two years that you guys have been struggling, that your unity and your persistence got you to where you are. so, thank you for your tenacity. i do want to express some interest in making sure that we move this thing along as fast as possible and get it implemented as quickly as possible. two years has been a long time coming and so if we can expedite this as quickly as possible to get it implemented so these youth can take advantage of this benefit quickly would be my best interest. >> we have a motion and second. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed say no. ayes have it, so ordered. congratulations, supervisor and members. [cheering and applauding] >> come back any time. [laughter] >> okay, ladies and gentlemen. pardon me? we are going back to the regular agenda now. we are going back to -- okay, we are going back to the regular agenda now. we invited anyone who wanted to speak on this to speak. only two people did. okay. so, as the room clears -- pardon me? i did ask, yes. okay. so, what he we
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
feels colder. 23 in gaithersburg, feels like 28 ntc, 35 in quantico, 19 in hagerstown this morning. -- it feels like 28 in d.c. look at the temperatures. this is not the wind chill. this is the thermometer reading in minneapolis, feels like minus eight degrees. -20 in ely, minnesota. the arctic air will be moving into our region tonight. thankfully, it held off by a day, for the inauguration. our average today is 43 with a low of 28. yesterday the high temperature was 62. highs today should make it into the middle of upper 40's. that will feel pretty pleasant. the cold air will be moving in. we have some clouds now, but i think we will get a break and then the clouds will be heaviest in the afternoon. high pressure building for tonight and tomorrow. it will be breezy and nasty, not getting above freezing after day until friday. partly sunny today with a late- day sprinkle or snow flurries, 43-48 degrees. cold tonight, part of cloudy, breezy, teens to low 20s. on tuesday and wednesday, mid- 20s. 30 degrees by thursday. then a chance of snow or maybe a mix by friday. a cold week ahea
Jan 13, 2013 8:00am EST
ntc and the person who launched that period in recent history. you know, this was of a group of people that knew each other, they communicated with each other, they all had their own causes and networks, and if you're talking about social networks as a factor in the arab spring states in terms of libya, it really wasn't facebook or twitter or things like this, it was al-jazeera and al-jazeera brought the spotlight to what was going on in libya when no one else knew exactly what was happening. um, but these networks, these individuals managed to, essentially, do what he may not have been able to do if only because he was the son of moammar gadhafi. so, you know, the rest of the book talks about the actual up folding of the revolution which is really a fantastic story. i mean, the whole question of what was happening in benghazi and tripoli, you know, in the early, early days after the rest of texas -- turbil on the 15th of february. it's really quite a stunning story, and i don't think it's been told in english to this n this degree of detail. and i tried very hard. i interviewed
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm EST
timothy geithner spoke them in 2009. ntc merely misspoke, i will provide another quote from a different speaker. this time in march of 2010. the proprietary training commercial banks was there but not central to the financial crisis. that speaker was paul volcker. don't get me wrong, as noted last year, trading practices can be a whale of a problem. volcker rule or the dodd-frank act supports to address. what much of the rule, it is a source of the problem. the fact is still the law of the land. and banks have long since accepted rules and its implications for business activities. i have been told by several firms that although these rules have yet to be finalized, they have taken significant steps to shut down the trading activities and in some cases have argued him so completely. as firms have looked to the text and bringing hedging into compliance, high-level staff continue to work behind closed doors to refine a rulemaking proposal that included a bipartisan group of six senators. as drafted, could adversely affect main street businesses by reducing market liquidity and in
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)